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With decades worth of knowledge and experience, Ophir Optronics Solutions LTD., Optics Group, an MKS Company (NASDAQ: MKSI), is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of high performance IR thermal lenses and optical elements for SWIR, MWIR & LWIR imaging. Using advanced technologies, innovative engineering, and design configurations, Ophir provides a global solution for homeland security, surveillance, automotive and commercial applications: IR Components and complex lens assemblies with fixed or motorized focus and zoom lenses.

Ophir’s modern state-of-the-art facilities in Jerusalem, Israel and in Bucharest, Romania, design and produce a full range of high-performance optical elements and lenses for the defense, security and commercial markets. In addition, we design and produce a full range of high quality optics for high power CO2 lasers and 1 micron industrial fiber lasers for cutting, welding, drilling, and 3D printing systems.

Whatever your requirements, our know-how, expert team, and technology are all there, ready to provide you with the precise, fully-tailored solution you need. Partnering with you every step of the way, from concept, through design and verification, to manufacturing and post-sales technical support, we are dedicated to delivering on schedule, and within budget.

It is the passion for what we do that has enabled us to maintain a solid reputation and long-term customer relationships through the years. Thanks to superior engineering capabilities, and by upholding the highest standards, Ophir has earned a reputation for excellent performance and quality in the manufacturing of advanced products, and for maximizing optical performance through innovative lens designs.

Using advanced technologies, innovative engineering, and opto-mechanical design, we provide solutions for complex challenges in defense, security and commercial applications.


Benefit from our know-how for your application! 

We are happy to support you in the optimization of your cleaning- and welding jobs, from choosing the cleaning- and welding chemicals all the way to cleaning technology. 

We pay close attention to high product quality and high cost-effectiveness, and we guarantee the shortest possible delivery times. 

Our field force and our service on site facilitate an optimal integration of the products into existing processes. System solutions are elaborated in cooperation with you, developing an efficient cleaning- and welding process. Regular seminars and trainings for our staff about our devices, cleaners and technologies guarantee optimal consultation. Our staff take care of you personally and competently on site and on the phone. In addition, we offer comprehensive customer service through our telephone hotline for all chemical, biotechnological and technical questions, and for application tips regarding our products. 

E-WELD SHIELD, Art.-Nr : D01116

Surface protection for plasma- and laser-cutting machines – Coating the bars for the workpieces to be cut prevents major build-ups of slag that is a by-product of cutting. Using E-WELD Shield makes the bars faster to clean, and they can be used for a longer time. This facilitates neat, time- and cost-effective work processes. By means of the spray system, E-WELD Shield is applied in an optimal way, achieving effective protection. 

Prevents major build-ups of slag on the bars during plasma- and laser-cutting 

Time savings: slag is easy to remove.

Improved cutting results: The cut-outs of the plasma- and laser-cutting machines rest flat on the cutting benches

Excl. spray system (available in the E-WELD Shield Package)


PLASMA POINT SRL was founded in 1988 as a producer of torches and spare parts for plasma cutting, accessories for Co2 laser systems, and resale of optics for Co2 laser applications. The range of products in the following years has been expanded by adding MIG/TIG torches, spare parts for continuous wire welding, welding machines, generators for plasma cutting, spare parts for Waterjet and oxyfuel.

A few years ago the “GLOBAL TORCH®” was designed and patented, a high-tech and very versatile Plasma torch, suitable for plasma cutting systems from 20 to 120 Amp, both with high frequency and without.

Today Plasma Point represents an important reality in the market of plasma cutting, MIG/MAG, laser cutting and welding on a national level, but more so on an international level, in fact 70% of the products are exported to over 60 countries.

The affirmation on the market has been achieved thanks to the seriousness, professional competence, together with the service of efficient, punctual and fast deliveries, and especially for the wide range of products ready in stock and for the ability to keep updated the offer of products as required by the market.


With Centricut® consumables for CO2 and fiber optic laser cutting systems, you get the same quality as OEM parts, but at a lower cost. We offer more than 3,000 part numbers – one of the largest inventories anywhere – including OEM quality laser optics, nozzles, nozzle holders and accessories. All are precision-manufactured, and all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Slat Easy Cleaner

Cleaning the table of the laser machine. Thanks to a combination of special cutters, powerful motor with electronic rotation control, combined with integrated pneumatic traction, we are the fastest in cleaning the laser benches, without any effort. The machine pulls itself! International patents and certified.

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