The accuracy and durability of WILA’s tooling and Tool Holders are unmatched. At WILA we are continuously optimizing our production processes to guarantee the highest quality products. WILA’s tooling inventory is designed to streamline your bending operations as efficiently as possible, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership. Make your metal bending more profitable!

WILA’s versatile New Standard Tooling program offers a wide range of choices. They differ greatly in terms of function, geometry and the clamping method. WILA provides a wide range of New Standard tools for air bending as well as bottom bending. New Standard tools are modular and available in several standard lengths, which makes it possible to quickly achieve virtually any bending length.


TECNOSTAMP,  founded in 1978 in Piacenza, has become over the years, one of the biggest and most important Italian companies in the production, design and sale of bending tools; It’s a world-wide-expanding company with a large network of dealers across the globe.

For this purpose many investments have been made: the purchase of new machines and the need to equip with advanced technologies in order to increase quality and expanding range of tools in the catalogue.

 The production includes a wide range of standard tools- punches, dies and accessories – suitable for all types of Press Brakes; all TECNOSTAMP products are made of high quality hardened steels for induction on wear parts for longer life and subjected to accurate quality control and after sales service. 

Not only standard products but targeted solutions for specific applications in the various sheet metal processing sectors.

The key to great success of TECNOSTAMP is the service dedicated to customers: the customer first of all!

The company strongly believes in the strength of its production and the expertise of its employees who daily make available their professional skills and experience for continuous growth by finding targeted and customized solutions that can meet customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Research, innovation, quality and passion are the strengths that have built over the years the success of TECNOSTAMP brand and drive its expansion into the global market.



Our 35 years of experience on the worldwide market, operating at the highest level, has made Euram one of the leading companies in the sheet metal bending sector. Today we are able to supply interchangeable tools and can satisfy all customer requirements up to a critical tolerance of +/- 0.005mm.

Our technological and financial investments over the past few years and the cooperation with leading companies in the production and development of CNC grinding machines have allowed us to completely renew our machine tools in our various manufacturing facilities throughout Italy and Europe.

Polyurethane Products

Whether it’s from our Die-Thane, or Poly-Thane brand of products, you can be assured that you will receive the finest in Urethane performance and technology for your application and for your business.

From a large-scale complex project, to a one-up prototype, the staff of Polyurethane Products take great pride in having the science, know-how and service to provide the finest in cast polyurethane products and custom polyurethane tooling. We are committed to developing & supplying products that will save you time, save you money & help you produce a better quality product efficiently.

Press Brake Urethane Die Film (also known as No-Mar Brake Die Film), eliminates Die marks & cross-metal contamination or rusting due to metal to metal contact

Ideal for bending painted, Aluminum, Stainless-Steel & other polished metals without tool marks

With our patent pending FILM HOLDER & POSITIONER, Film handling & positioning is easy

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