CUMSA is a family owned and operated company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative standard solutions for the moldmaking and molding industries. Apart from our direct branches in Portugal, Italy, China and United States; plus a direct distribution direct-to-consumer approach in Germany, along with a complete distribution network over 40 countries. The CUMSA branches and distribution networks allow CUMSA to supply our products to every single mold-maker or molder around the world.

The close contact of our own R+D department with customers is one of our main focuses. It allows us firsthand access to new problems in the market and gives us the opportunity to look for new solutions. This method of working has enabled the development of the complete catalogue of innovative solutions which made CUMSA to be known worldwide.

Our company’s aim is customer satisfaction, that’s why we create standard and innovative solutions for toolmakers, molders, and end users. This reduces time in the manufacturing process, the assembling and adjustment time, as well as minimizing costs and production downtimes.

We are committed to customer service and always listen to the needs of customers, workers, and suppliers and are aware of developments in our industrial environment. We strive to provide excellent products with a clear and responsible management system. Whatever your experience with us has been, please leave us your feedback, we would like to hear from you on ways we can improve.

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